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SCAD FASH is host to original exhibitions by prominent and emerging creative minds, engaging primary and secondary schools through programming that immerses students in an environment where they find inspiration to look closely, think critically and discuss art.

For information on how your K-12 school group can arrange a personalized learning experience at SCAD FASH, email or call 404.253.3132.

Learning activities and lesson plans

SCAD FASH curriculum guides provide exercises tied directly to National Core Arts Standards, and are designed to support educators, both within the museum’s exhibition spaces and in the classroom. The guides create engaging learning experiences, enhancing understanding of art through investigations that reveal relevant personal, historical and cultural connections, while promoting skill sets necessary for today's innovative careers.

Recognizing the guides’ high standard of quality, the American Alliance of Museums’ 2014 Museum Publications Design Competition honored the SCAD curriculum guide for the exhibition "Divine Comedy: Heaven, Purgatory and Hell Revisited by Contemporary African Artists" with the No. 1 prize in the education category.

Omar Victor Diop curriculum guide

Educational exercises in this curriculum guide lead students on a rich exploration of Omar Victor Diop's collection of 18 works of art. The exhibition explores the often neglected, but deeply entangled historical relationships between Africa and the rest of the world, including trade, early diplomatic encounters and the legacy of slavery. Combining historical portraits with modern sports memorabilia, Diop creates evocative and complex photographic works. Students are invited to analyze the qualities of Diop's unique portraits, explore the aesthetic of cool and even compose plans for their own formal portrait incorporating Diop's signature style.

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Threads of History curriculum guide

Educational activities in this curriculum guide lead students on a sartorial voyage through "Threads of History: Two Hundred Years of Fashion," an exhibition celebrating fashion's capacity to reflect historical and cultural trends. Womenswear, menswear and children's ensembles from the ornate Rococo era and the grand Belle Époque to the glitzy Roaring '20s, and the elegant New Look revolution following World War II, reflect society's shifting values through the centuries. Students are invited to analyze fashion's role as a social signifier, discuss the relationship between fashion and art, explore how fashion reveals character and reflect on the past and anticipate the future.

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Carolina Herrera curriculum guide

Instructional exercises in this curriculum guide explore 35 years of the designer's oeuvre from "Refined Irreverence," a dual exhibition presented concurrently at SCAD FASH in Atlanta and the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah. Herrera's timeless style is synonymous with effortless elegance and modern refinement, enriched by the incorporation of deep personal, historical and literary influences. Students are invited to draw connections between individual ensembles in the exhibition and the diverse creative disciplines that inform Herrera's fabric and conceptual choices. Additional context elucidates the strong intersection between fashion and art evident in each collection.

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Jonathan Becker curriculum guide

Activities in the curriculum guide give students additional context with which to analyze Jonathan Becker's images and investigate his methods, including how to plan and create one's own portrait. The guide also includes a comprehensive overview of Becker's journalistic photography and portrait work and explores how angle, depth of field, lighting and framing can be used to create a sense of narrative in portraiture and photography.

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Daniel Lismore curriculum guide

Learning opportunities in this curriculum guide reflect London-based artist, stylist and designer Daniel Lismore's distinctive form of self-expression and his unique, sustainable approach to fashion. Lismore infuses each ensemble in his exhibition "Be Yourself; Everyone Else Is Already Taken" with rich social, historical and cultural themes from around the world, emphasizing the Elizabethan era. However, he also creates looks through repurposing — reusing garments, charity-shop finds, trinkets and other found objects rather than discarding them. Studying Lismore's eccentric creativity and his sartorial point of view empowers students to discover and analyze their own personal identity and individual sense of style.

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Oscar de la Renta curriculum guide

Learning exercises in this guide capture Oscar de la Renta’s approach to fashion and the essence of his designs, with emphasis on the influence of surrounding cultures and attention to the wearer’s sense of individuality. Oscar de la Renta’s work is further illuminated by the addition of ensembles from the fashion house’s new creative director, Peter Copping, providing students with opportunities to investigate the coexisting creative forces of inspiration and individuality.

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In support of the academic and professional mission of the university, SCAD FASH hosts a diverse selection of guest lecturers. From illustrious filmmakers to icons of the fashion world, lecturers at SCAD FASH enhance student learning and provide unique opportunities for authentic access to the world's leading art and design professionals.

Lectures are open to the public and are included in the price of admission to the museum. See the museum schedule for the upcoming program of lectures.


Films are commissioned for each exhibition on display at SCAD FASH, in addition to film screenings featuring critically acclaimed work that spans the history of world cinema. Through attendance at these exhibitions and screenings, SCAD students and museum visitors have the opportunity to share ideas and insights with other film enthusiasts and exchange opinions with filmmakers, scholars and critics.

Film screenings are open to the public and are included in the price of admission to the museum. See the museum schedule for the upcoming program of films.

Drawing in the galleries

Drawing lies at the heart of the artistic curriculum at SCAD, and SCAD FASH encourages all students to engage in sketching while visiting the museum galleries. Guests are encouraged to bring a sketchbook, pencils and an eraser and make drawing come to life in the museum.